Due to covid-19 I am only offering telephone and video sessions.
If you are a new patient or have questions about an existing appointment, please call 941.806.7780.
- Dr. Lemli


What are your hours?
The office is open Tuesday through Friday. The first appointment of the day is at 9am, and the last appointment is at 4:30pm.
How long is an appointment?
Sessions are generally scheduled to be 45-50 minutes, and sometimes run the full hour.
How often should I schedule therapy?
There is no set answer to this one. Most often, patients schedule once week, although there are times patients are seen more often, or less often, depending on the individual situation.
How long will therapy take to help me?
Your course of therapy really depends on your individual needs. Together we can develop a plan that works for you. One of my specialties is Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on behavioral goals and in many instances tends to be more short-term. I also offer longer term psychodynamic and interpersonal therapies.
Do you take insurance?
We do not participate with most major insurance companies, but would be happy to file claims for you, at your request. (You would be reimbursed by your insurance company). It may be worthwhile to check with your insurance company to see if your plan has out-of-network benefits.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we take credit cards.
Do you prescribe medication?
No, however I do have a close working relationship with many local psychiatrists; I also consult with primary care doctors to help ascertain the best medical approach for each individual.
What populations do you work with?
I see people from the age of 8 and up. I work with individuals, families, and couples.
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